Everyday Use Story by Alice Walker

Topics: Family Pages: 4 (1457 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Everyday Use
By Alice Walker

one- This story , in my opinion, does not possess the warm-hearted, jolly, and happy side of a short story, we’d expect from a title, such as Everyday Use. Instead, this story is a more refreshing realistic tone of life and the harshness it may possess. There is a perfectly adequate amount of crudeness in the story, especially within the lifestyle of these individuals. The tone changes as the story continues on. In the beginning the story has a more worrisome, jealousy, and a want to be accepted feel, especially at the opening when it discusses Maggie and how she is ashamed of her burns, then peering at her sister in envy and awe. Then the mother’s want to be accepted by her daughter, Dee, who she feels would accept her if her appearance was different. Also, my assumption is greatly backed up by these two statements. The first quote being- “She thinks her sister has held life always in the palm of one hand, and that “no” is a word it never learned to say to her.” The last being the dream statement, which exemplifies the want for acceptance from her daughter– “Sometimes I dream a dream in which Dee and I are suddenly brought together on a TV program of this sort…Then we are on the stage and Dee is embracing me with tears in her eyes.” As the story continues the tone moves from worrisome to mystery and embarrassment. The mystery was shown by the want to know why the change in Dee and who this man was with her. The embarrassment, in my opinion was a underlining tone, because it was solely shown through actions like Maggie’s want to dash away when she noticed her sister arriving in the vehicle, and the ashamed statement Dee wrote once before her arrival. This statement was that “no matter where we family “choose” to live, she will manage to come see us. But she will never bring her friends.” Next tone I grasped was the anger of Maggie when Dee came to take the things she wanted and then Maggie wanting to just get it over...
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