Everyday Use: Heritage

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  • Topic: Soul food, Slavery, Black church
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  • Published : March 18, 2007
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Almost all ethnicities preserve culture, heritage and or tradition that they cherish and pass down to the next generation. Heritage and tradition can be expressed in any form the ethnicity chooses to use. Some cultures use food as a way to express. For instance, in my Arabian culture, we like to cook mostly with grains. A popular grain dish is couscous. It consists of grains made from semolina. Just as food is a big part of culture and heritage, it is not limited solely to food. Most cultures use objects to symbolize what their culture represents. In African American culture, the arts, literature, agricultural skills, food, music, language, and clothing styles have been contributed and passed down to the descendants by the first generation African Americans that came to America. For many years language has been passed down and has evolved in the form known to Americans today as Ebonics. Music is another form of culture which has continued to exist through what society knows as rap, hip hop, and rhythm & blues. Another big part of African American culture is food. The cultivation and use of many agricultural products in the United States such as yams, peanuts, rice, okra, sorghum, grits, watermelon, indigo dyes, and cotton, which can be traced to African influences. African American foods reflect creative responses to racial and economic oppression. Under slavery, African Americans were not allowed to eat better cuts of meat, and after Emancipation many often were too poor to afford the better cuts. Soul food, a hearty cuisine commonly associated with African Americans in the South, but also common among blacks nationwide, makes creative use of inexpensive products procured through farming and subsistence hunting and fishing. Pig intestines are boiled and sometimes battered and fried to make "chitterlings," or "chitlins". Many of these food traditions are especially predominant in many parts of the rural South. One main problem with heritage is that...
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