Everyday Use

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  • Published : May 11, 2014
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Taufiq Dharmawan S2B
Everyday Use by Alice Walker

"Everyday Use" is a story that represents a point of view of a person telling the story to the readers. The major character of the story is Mama, who tells the story using the first person "I" point of view. The story is about a black African American family consists of a mother and two daughters. The main idea is the relation between each character to the past and to their family. Each character has different perspective and characteristics towards the past. "Everyday Use" also represents the social and cultural background of their family in the 1970s. Despite living on a poor condition, Mama tries to provide a living for the both of her daughters. In the story some conflicts are shown between the two daughters, Dee and Maggie. Mama has a hard time dealing with the fight. The main conflict of the story is when both of them want to take over the quilt's heritage. This quilt is an American-African heritage, which is very valuable for their family. It is shown through the text that the mother has to decide who should own the quilt. Even though Mama finally chooses Maggie to take care of the precious quilt. This increases the conflict raising action to the climatic point. Mama as the narrator of "Everyday Use" is described as the major character to show the readers the different views of culture and tradition heritage during in the 1970s. Mama is a round character, because she is responsive toward the action. She is a woman that tells things how they are and how her family has been going for the past years. She can be humorous at times and tough. She is self-described as a tough woman, it is stated in the text "I am a large, big boned, woman with rough, man-working hands". Since the father is not mentioned on the story, Mama can do anything for the family in order to be a role model. While raising her daughters and trying to understand their personal characters. The mother has a hard time managing and...
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