Everyday Food as Herbal Remedies

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  • Published : October 6, 2007
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Foods we consume everyday are full of chemicals and preservatives that are hurting our bodies. Everything we purchase to eat has some type of preservative, food coloring, or pesticide added to give the product a longer shelf life. Chemicals, pesticides, and food colorings are not food and do not help prolong life. The human body is not set up to digest any of these chemicals or preservatives. All of the chemicals and preservatives added do cause health issues that at times can be very serious. As we learn more about how our bodies are engineered to digest foods, it is becoming more common to see herbals and organic foods implemented into our everyday diet. Herbs and fresh foods contain proper nutrients and vitamins needed to live healthier happier lives. Many web sites and stores are helpful with the purchase of herbs and other types of healthful foods. Someone who is a believer of preserving our earth's natural environment will love the Amazon Herb Company. They have many items to help with our everyday health routines, including the health of pets. A sworn believer in the use of herbs from the Amazon Rain Forest, because they help the native citizens of the country purchase the land in their own names to keep big racket financiers and logging companies away from the forests. Hall (2003) states that 10% of the profits used are for the Rainforest Rescue Fund, and the native citizens that work are given living wages. While helping to save the Rainforest we are receiving some of the best herbs available along with skin care products. If one has a sweet tooth, pure organic chocolate satisfaction is ultimate. "Instead of refined sugar and oils, the organic chocolate contains blue green algae, herbs from the Amazon rainforest, and has only 30 calories." (Hall, 2003, Sweet, sweet chocolate, ¶1). That is the best there is because chocolate is one of the mainstay items of most peoples diet every week. General health and well-being is such an open book right now....
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