Everybody Should Be Investing in Silver

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Constantino Heredia

Everybody should be investing in Silver.
I. Intro
A. Investing is an important part of everybody’s finances. B. There is Economic and Global Turmoil. C. Not everybody knows how to invest in Silver.


Investing is an important part of everybody’s finances.
A. You need investments to be able to live a financially healthy life. 1. 2. Investments are a source of additional Income. Investments are a source for retirement funds.

B. Investments can help in rough situations.
1. 2. Companies lay off people all the time. Accidents regarding one’s health are not an uncommon occurrence.

C. You don’t need to be rich in order to invest.
1. 2. Almost everybody has a saving’s account. Investing isn’t about total sum of money, but it is about percentage gains.


There is Economic and Global Turmoil everywhere.
A. We are reaching a Fiscal Cliff
1. Allow the country to go into recession by allowing the tax increases to happen and cut federal spending. 2. The government can cancel some or all of the tax increases and spending cuts which would add to the current deficit. 3. We could take a middle course which wouldn’t be much help to the United States as a whole.

B. We have established QE3.
1. 2. Bernanke is injecting billions of dollars to the economy every month. This is the same tactics that Germany used to drive down their own economy during WWII.

C. European Financial Situation
1. 2. Spain, Italy, and Greece are going bankrupt. Germany is asking the United States for their Gold and we’re denying them the right to see it.

D. Nuclear weapons everywhere
1. Iran is supposedly making Nuclear Weapons


North Korea already has Nuclear Weapons and threatens us regularly.


How to Invest in Silver
A. Use a broker
1. Not everybody has the time to follow the markets and know everything that is going on in the world right now. 2. They know what they are doing because it is their career to do it.

B. Make...
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