Everybody Loves Raymond

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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Everybody Loves Raymond

My favorite sitcom, if you can say that I have one, is “Everybody Loves Raymond”. This family is dysfunctional. The show revolves around the main character, Ray Barone. He’s a successful sportswriter living in New York with his wife Debra. They have 4 children, their daughter Ally who is eight years old, and their four year old twins, Geoffrey and Michael. The funniest part of the show is the Ray’s parents, Frank and Marie, who can’t let go of Ray. They live directly across the street from Ray and Debra. Ray’s brother, Robert, is a police officer. He lives in the shadow of Ray’s successful career and life. The show is very comical and does display what I feel to be a true look at what a family life is like; however, to me it shows the situations from a Christian’s view point, which is something that you don’t see too often on the television. There are three reasons why I say that this show presents a Christian worldview. One is because the family is very close. Another is because they are very aware of the decisions they make and how they will affect others. Thirdly, because their decisions made of what is right and wrong are based on what the bible says are right and wrong.

The first thing we will look at today is the closeness of their family. Raymond and Debra, as I stated earlier live across the road from his mother and father. The mother and father are always coming over and feel very comfortable doing so. Sometimes they even come in without knocking. Although there are tensions between Debra and Marie, Debra is always trying to live up to Marie’s expectations, as is Raymond. Debra and Raymond love each other very much and it is very evident. The story is about their struggles, but never do you hear them talk about divorce. It is as if that is not an option. They have their problems, true, but they work through them and stay together. That is the Christian way. Christians believe what the Bible says in Matthew...
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