Every Thought That Counts

Topics: Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual property Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The Future of Intellectual Property
Spinello (2003) discusses in his essay The Future of Intellectual Property the contours of intellectual property protection. He refers to two papers: The Future of Ideas (2001) by Lessig who argues that the expanding scope of intellectual property protection threatens the Internet as an innovational playing field. This is in line with the statement made by Roger Clarke (2001): that in the next decades new technologies of identification and tracking will destroy individual freedom. Litman (2001) argues that copyright law is too complicated and too restrictive. Both authors agree that the overprotecting intellectual rights nowadays cause blocked creativity. The vitality of the intellectual playing field is in danger. ICT created new opportunities to expend information and knowledge in our society. However, this break through is hindered by legal and authoritarian protections of intellectual property. Social and technological opportunities created by ICT are threatened by far reaching IPR protections and may slow down the overall creation of knowledge in society. The overall objective of sharing information and knowledge to enhance knowledge growth of mankind might be hindered by far reaching protection methods of intellectual property. A balance is needed between these individual interests and the societal needs towards knowledge growth. Broad restrictions and property controls on the Internet hinder the public interest and the public domain. The more the public domain is constrained, the greater negative effects it will have on future creativity. On the long run Spinello (2003) argues that the cost of innovation may be substantial. Intellectual property is developing into very complex legislation. On the other hand there are significant disadvantages to bring down the intellectual rights to a minimum, in case the importance of the worker who deserves credits for his creative work is undervalued. How to find an appropriate award...
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