Every Person's Life Memories

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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From the age of 0-13, many events have made up my life and still are; within every person’s life memories are made and plenty are shared. There are a variety of autobiographies that are written- some are boring, some are exciting, and some are long and so forth... Therefore, lots of people don’t enjoy them (including myself) - so I’m hoping my autobiography will grab your interest and pull you in. Several facts and ideas of my life will now transform into your own memories (of reading an autobiography) as you read on. Through the eyes of another, you’ll go through the expedition of life – floating past and through: every chance- every dream, every ache- every joy and so on. Numerous memories get entwined into our brains and just don’t want to let go, and these are the ones I wish to vividly share with you.

One event that has upheld the most importance in my memory is the one that I’m present within but don’t remember- due to lack of age and inability to speak; one of the most excruciating aspects that was an imperative opening to my journey to where I am now containing many events and memories. It was one that had been told to me and not enlisted into my mind with my own doing. With the joy of my birth, a bubble of people surrounded me on the middle ward in St. Thomas’s hospital, while I lay with no knowledge that my Nan, on the bottom ward, and elder sister, on the top ward, were ill and helpless- though they were not majorly ill. My Nan, wiped out with an infection and my sister, with a fit and my early, blissful arrival made a full frenzied day for my family and the nurses.
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