Every News is Biased: A Debate

Topics: Mass media, Journalist, Media bias Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: November 20, 2010
The word ‘news’ itself connotes a meaning of opinion, judgement, and perspective. Almost everything on earth has a close relationship with bias and through bias will help people to reach their objectives. The mass media is a perfect way to express a biased news without being bias but creates an influence towards the society and people.

News sometimes misinforms the reader and audience as if the reporters and journalists are presenting information not for the sake of acknowledging the news but to attain certain economic or political purpose. There are also situations when the reporter unconsciously fall into the trap of being bias.

A good example of the most biased broadcasting company will be Fox News. First of all its political intention of using imprecise content on the opinions of the citizens is to divide America. They encourage a group of people from different parts of the American society to think differently to slow down the social progression in the United States.

Since 2000, only 25% of the Americans trust the information on Fox while CNN has 20% more viewers than Fox.

The media bias is a widespread catastrophe that appeared among various countries. China itself is a biased country that focuses on the idea that nothing negative relating to the government reports to the public and the world.

There are four common types of bias in the field of media that it can support or criticize a certain political party, person, or idea. The first one will be advertising bias as stories are being distorted as an attempt to satisfy the advertisers. The second one is corporate bias in which the target is the corporate owners of media. The third one is mainstream bias which has an inclination to report repeated informations to avoid aggressive abuse. The last one will be sensationalism which the bias is activated when exaggerating rare news such as plane disasters. The reporting is trying to grab attentions rather than producing relevant social events to...
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