Everworld: Discover the Destroyer

Topics: K. A. Applegate, Debut albums, Animorphs Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: May 16, 2013
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Adrian Rocha
Mrs. Dumas
English 2
March 20, 2011
Book Review:
The name of the book that I have read is “Everworld: Discover the Destroyer.” The author that wrote This book is named K.A. Applegate, which stands for Katherine Alice Applegate. She was born in Michigan on July 19, 1956 and since then has lived in Texas, California, Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina and even Pelago, Italy. She also wrote the hit series “Animorphs.” Also another series Called “Roscoe Riley Rules.”

Senna. The reason that David, Christopher, Jalil and April were stuck in Everworld. They were stuck and couldn’t go back….only when they slept. But right now their under control of Nidhogger, and he wants them to get back his stone, spear, sword and cauldron. So to make sure they complete the journey; he takes their hearts and replaces them with red stones. In six days if Nidhogger doesn’t have the stuff, the stones will turn on fire and they all will die. So they go on the journey and end up in fairy land where the stuff is. The fairies take April, so David goes back to Nidhogger and tells him it’s there. Nidhogger flies to fairy land, gets the stuff and April and leaves. Their safe, but when they walk away they end up in another bad place for another adventure…

I think the point of the book was to try and show us a world like no other, a world that can have you dreaming what it’s like. The authors point in this book was don’t let love get in the way of friendship. Like how David loved Senna, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of saving April. Also the author wanted to point out to not give up on a journey no matter how dangerous or Rocha 2 hard it is.

I really liked this book. I don’t know why? I just really like how it was set up. This is like the only book I have ever read on my...
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