Everglades National Park American Crocodile

Topics: Everglades National Park, Florida, Coral reef Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: October 30, 2010
The Everglades National Park
"American Crocodile"
Kimmie Jordan
Shannon Kam

The Everglades National Park
"American Crocodile"

The Crocodylus acutus known as the American crocodile is a very large species it is known to grow as large as 6m. It is said that Florida has the largest crocodile with a size of 4.6m. The American crocodile is the only true crocodile found in the United States today. The region in which the American crocodile live in is located in south Florida within the Everglades National Park; it is the largest tract of wilderness land east of the Rocky Mountains. It protects the subtropical land and water any else in the United States today. The Everglades is home to the rarest and some of the endangered species in the United States and the American Crocodile is one of those endangered species. The everglades are also home of the largest ecosystem in the whole western hemisphere in the world to date. But if you look at the everglades from a human perspective, it offers a very educational, recreational experience that is found in the world today. The everglades national park is a subtropical saw-grass marsh region and it covers about 4,300 sq mi. the water runs through Lake Okeechobee to the swamps bordering Gulf of Mexico and it has been established since 1947. The everglades are a very vast and somewhat flat surface seabed that was sunken at the end of the last ice age. The charactertics of a crocodile has not changed much from the past to now in the 20th century. Crocodiles are somewhat like humans they do have a backbone and lungs for them to breathe by. The crocodile have bony plates on their backs. When crocodiles are underwater in order for them to breathe they must come to the surface to get air and breathe. The crocodile can remain under water for an average of three to five minutes. While underwater the crocodile lungs are kept closed off by a valve located in their pipes. Just as humans the...
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