Everest Simulation Reflection Paper

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Mt. Everest Simulation Reflection Paper|
Assignment 1|

Individual reflection on the Mt. Everest Simulation exercise carried out on 5th October and the subsequent debriefing on 12th October |

The Everest simulation was a unique experience. Before the actual simulation started, my team discussed the approach we would take and how we will deal with situations wherein the personal goals collided with the team goals. We shared our character profile information with each other and began the exercise with excitement and a firm resolve to do our best. The team finished achieving 41% of its goals. Two of our members had to be rescued and we didn’t manage to attain any of the weather, oxygen or medical challenges. We thought we had a good strategy in place and a good team atmosphere going, but our understanding of certain situations turned out to be misplaced. We misgauged certain situations and ended up hitting the wrong targets in situations that were open to more than one interpretation. After debriefing we found out that some of the members only shared the information that they thought was relevant and there was one issue we could have addressed better if we had the entire information before us. Also at the onset I would like to mention an event that may have resulted in a slightly different final result. At Camp 3, the team decided unanimously to stay and rest for a day as the health of all members had become critical. While three members locked in their decision to stay back, the leader accidently pressed the choice of moving to Camp 4. This caused the photographer, who had not locked in his choice till then, to also move to Camp 4 with deteriorated health. He had to be rescued immediately. I document this at this stage as I might reference it later in the paper while reviewing some of the actions and choices. I was the physician and achieved 70% of my goals. I managed to attain all of my personal goals but unfortunately 2 members of our team had to be rescued while another one stayed back at Camp 4. During the time I thought I would end up scoring a little less. There was a little confusion too regarding one of my personal goals of making everyone stay at a camp. I perceived it as everyone had to stay back together at a camp. I collected information from every member in each round about their health status. I tried to administer aspirin/inhaler whenever the health came close to being critical. As only one medicine could be administered per day, I tried to convince the team to stay back at Camp 3, when two people had critical health and needed to be administered medicines and take rest. I had the additional responsibility of being with as many people as I could to administer them medicines and thus tried to create consensus and convince everyone to move and stay together. At each stage the team tried to factor in the weather, health and the team goals while taking a decision. We tried to analyse each step before actually taking it. Members chipped in with any additional information that they had and their viewpoints. Even though there were a couple of prolonged discussions, there were no arguments in the team and we always tried building a consensus at each step. Even in cases where people had different personal goals, we thoroughly debated the pros and cons of a particular action and moved together. In hindsight, this led to some people losing out on their personal goals and in this simulation it was not necessarily the best approach. In a couple of instances members didn’t even try to attain their personal goals and tried to take a stance which they believed was in the team’s best interest. Even though we hadn’t disclosed our personal goals, we managed to build consensus on most issues and this helped in establishing a jovial but determined atmosphere in the team. Every member felt like being a part of the team and was not hesitant in putting forth his or her opinion. This helped in taking...
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