Everest Simulation

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  • Published : October 18, 2008
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The purpose of this paper is to explain how I utilized my skills to contribute to the teams’ common goals. The correct use of my and every other member’s skills was crucial to succeed in the Everest Simulation. In a team of five people, I was the Team Physician. The challenge was to align different private and group goals and maximize total outcome. Consequentially, the Simulation proved to be a steady trade-off between personal goals and group objectives.

1.What lessons did you learn about how to build, participate in, and lead teams more effectively? I believe that it is really important to know each other and each other’s ways of thinking. If you possess the ability to read people, you can see at which point they follow their private goals as compared to the group goals. This skill proved to be very useful in the simulation. Further, when you are part of a team and take this call to teamwork seriously you are just part of a puzzle. You should recognize that your opinion is not the only truth, rather it is just a part of many opinions and finally the leader and the team itself have to decide which path to go. In my opinion we worked as a team. We understood each other’s analyzed all together and then took actions according to the consensus. To me this is the only way to work in a team. The decision making progress is consequentially very different in a team than in a group, since you have to make many trade-offs to achieve consensus.

2.How do teams solve problems and make decisions more effectively in difficult situations when members have different information and opposing interests? Everest methodology simulates real life situations, because you will always have to work with people in different roles. I do not think that is a problem but rather a necessity of the modern ways of life. You have to learn how work with people with different opinions and different goals and still retrieve some value for yourself or the team. When the simulation was...
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