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Topics: Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel, Fairy tale Pages: 7 (1418 words) Published: May 14, 2013
By: Chanda Hahn|
Period 5 12/10/12 |

Pg.: 1-50
1. Who is the main character?
Mina Grime
Pg. 1
2. What was an odd thing Mina saw on the way to school?
A Rooster, dog, and cat
3. How old is the main character?
4. What happened inside the glue factory?
Brody Carmichael almost died
Pg. 27
5. What happened inside the gym that was for Mina?
A school assembly to honor her
B. The setting in the story is modern day America in a make-believe town. The story starts off with young Mina Grime writing a journal entry. In the next couple of pages we get a feel for Mina’s everyday life. Mina’s life is very unlucky but when they go on a class trip her luck seems to change for the better. When their class goes on a field trip to the local glue factory the story starts to pick up. Brody Carmichael is the popular hunk that everybody wants including Mina. When she drops her pencil causing Brody to trip over the railing she becomes a hero. Mina quickly dives in to save Brody. Little does she know that is all part of a bigger picture? When Mina returns to school she is the town hero, later that day the school holds an assembly in her honor and Brody can’t keep his eyes off of her. We meet Minas little brother who is always silent in consequence of their father’s sudden death and also her mother who is very over protective of her kids. When her mother was on her way to the Carmichael’s to drop off a package mina quickly stops her and convinces her mother to let Mina drop it off for her. The question we will soon answer is why?

Mina Grime- An awkward teenager who is oblivious to present day technology and times. She is very unlucky and very average. Brody Carmichael- The average popular guys that every girl would love to date but he is very humble with his status. Savannah-Brody Carmichael’s ex-girlfriend.

The Wong’s- The owners of Mina apartment.
Nan- Mina’s popular pretty best friend.
Minas Mother- A woman who’s is very protective of her kids with good intentions. -------------------------------------------------
Minas Little Brother- a quiet little 5 year old
I think that Mina and Brody will somehow be together soon. I also feel as if Mina’s mom has a secret that she hasn’t said. Brody Carmichael I feel will also veer away from his popular status because of how humble and almost unaware of how high up his social status. Pg. 50-100

Rhiannon and the body switcher go on their 2nd date?
The woods
Why did Rhiannon say she was unsure about the relationship?
Because he always was changing
Pg 66
What did the body switcher name himself?
Pg 88
Was Rhiannon the first person a told about his body switching? Yes
Who knew he was “possessed”
At this point in the book Mina finds out that saving Brody triggered a curse that has been in her family for many generations. She has to go through all these fairy tales - Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, - and try to survive. She begins dating her crush Brody, and thinks that going through everything might be worth it. Until she sees how hard it really will be. No one has ever gotten through all the fairy tales - which is why the descendants of the previous Grimm have to go through them - and each time a descendant goes through the tales they have to start over again. The farthest anyone got were the Grimm Brothers - the first to start the course - they got through over 190 tales before they died and even they didn't make it through all the fairy tales. Mina soon...
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