Events Proposal of Chaumet

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Events and Exhibition Management

Group 1 :
Lo Kwok Hung, Johnny 10105548S
Cheung Wai Ying, Edith 10886871S
Hui Wai Ling, Rachel 10886717S
So On Na, Anna 10873814S
Tse Kit Yee, Kinki 10100215S

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Executive Summary.....
Company Background and Product.....
Event Concept & Theme.....
Event Audience.....
Outline of Event Activities.....
Production Schedule & Time Line.....
Event Rundown.....
Event Logistics.....
- Site Management.....
Waste Management
Hospitality Hosting
Risk Management
Technical Requirements.....

Executive Summary

In our project, we will illustrate the detailed process of how an event be done parts by parts: from pre-event tasks like designing, planning to executing and of course, the post-event evaluation. To show our professionalism, we have done a lot of research to collect sufficient information and increase the feasibility of this whole event.

We have chosen to represent the luxurious jewelry brand - Chaumet. Through our research and discussion, we plan to hold an event for the launch of its new collection “Bee My Love”. The event will be presented in a fashion show format – Models will show the new tiara collection by wearing the wedding gown designed by the famous designer, Mr. Dorian Ho on the runway. On the same day, same venue, we will also have the exhibition corner to display the company's diamond tiaras as well as the “Bee My Love” collection. In order to bring new experience to audiences and give them an impressive memory to the event, we have also designed to add some interactive elements in our event: The virtual interactive magic mirrors enables visitors to virtually try on a tiara and the photo print-out on site will be given to participants as souvenirs as well. Another gimmick of the show would be the touch-screen display panel which allows audiences to design their own rings through Ipads.

Other than program contents, we have also designed the peripheral materials like the invitation cards and stage design. To make the budgeting more realistic, we tried to get the real quotation for our equipments, production, insurance as well as all those fee for inviting star-models and emcee.

Last but not least, in our evaluation part, we will evaluate our events by 4 aspects: Media coverage, attendance, video shooting and the follow-up questionnaire, to evaluate the successful of the event.


Company Background and product:
Since 1780, more than 2,000 tiaras have been made by Chaumet. The tiara, which is full of symbolism for Chaumet, perpetuates the legendary past of a Maison that since its creation has been associated with the highest levels of power, and incarnates a magical and universal woman that Chaumet holds dear: the princess.

For 230 years, Chaumet artisan-jewellers manufacture jewels in the House’s workshop at Place Vendôme, Paris. These highly trained craftsmen design, cut and set stones for thousands of hours to create precious, unique jewels. Here are some of these sublime High Jewellery pieces, once born from a simple idea or drawing.

Chaumet’s expertise began with one of the jeweller’s most famous customers, Napoleon Bonaparte and Proclaimed Emperor. On the day of his coronation, 2 December 1804, the Empress Josephine was wearing refined jewellery, including a tiara: this head decoration was immediately adopted by the ladies of the Court, and then by the Empress Marie-Louise. A new trend was launched!


Event Concept:
There is a new collection – “Bee my love” consisting of the tiara and jewelry colleciton. The event also aims at promoting the tailor- made...
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