Events of April 1979

Topics: Middle East, Iran, Jimmy Carter Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: March 13, 2008
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Brooke Fowler

Mr. Davis

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02 February 2008

World Events of April 1979
Although it was almost twenty-nine years ago, many events of April 1979 still have an impact on us today. One major event that plays a large part in current events today is linked to a major event that happened on April 1, 1979. It was on this day that Iran's government became an Islamic Republic by a 98% vote, overthrowing the Shah officially. This event forever changed the Middle East and the Islamic Republic.

Many tragedies occurred during 1979, but one that Texas will forever remember is an event that took place on April 10. In the town of Wichita Falls, Texas, a tornado hit, the most notable of 26 that hit that day, killing 42 people.

On April 17, 1979, all the way around the world in the Central African Empire, school children are arrested for protesting against compulsory school uniforms. During this protest and arrest, approximately 100 children were killed just for speaking their opinions. An African judicial commission later decided that Emperor Jean-Be`del Bokassa "almost certainly" took part in the massacre.

Not all events that took place in April of 1979 were tragic. There were things that took place during this time that impacted our nation in a positive way.
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On April 1, Nickelodeon Television Channel, a children's cartoon channel, launched as The Pinwheel Network. Nickelodeon has expanded greatly since then and has become a major impact on the children viewers of world. It has included educational program lineups that help to educate our children and promote good behavior. It also provides good, clean cartoons and family entertainment for children and pre-teens.

On a humorous note, I must include an incident that happened to one of our most beloved presidents in the eventful month of April. On the 20 of April President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit while fishing in his hometown of...
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