Events Leading Up to the Declaration of Independence

Topics: Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, American Revolution Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 18, 2010
1. 1760 October 26, George III becomes king.
2. 1764 April 5, Parliament passes the Sugar Act, which raises taxes on items shipped to the colonies on sugar, wine, coffee, dyes and cloth. 3. 1764 April 19, Parliament passes the Currency Act, prohibiting the colonies from issuing paper money. Because silver and gold can not be imported into the colonies, it becomes difficult to conduct business.

1765 March 22, the Stamp Act imposes tax on paper goods, playing cards, newspapers, books, pamphlets, and all legal documents, wills and deeds. The Sons of Liberty organize to resist. May 15, Parliament passes the Quartering Act, which orders colonists to provide British troops a place to live.

October 7, the Stamp Act Congress meets, to protest taxation without representation. They sent a letter with demands to parliament.

1766 March 18, Parliament repeals the Stamp Act, under pressure from British merchants. 1767 Parliament passes the Townshend Acts. Glass, lead, tea, paper and paint are taxed. The Restraining Act suspend the New York legislature until the colonists house the British troops.

1. 1768 October 1, British soldiers arrive in Boston to enforce custom laws. 2. 1769 Parliament passes a resolution allowing colonials accused of treason to be tried in Britain. 3. 1770 Boston Massacre; five colonists are killed by British troops. 4. 1772 Joseph Warren & Samuel Adams of Massachusetts organize committees of correspondence. 5. 1773 The Boston Tea Party - Men disguised as Mohawk Indians throw the tea on board three docked ships into Boston Harbor. 6. 1774 General Gage arrives in Boston to command British troops.

Trials from Massachusetts are moved to England.
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