Events Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometrics and Sms

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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CHAPTER 1. Introduction
The chapter includes introduction which consist of statement of the problem, background and objectives of the study, significance and the scope of the study. It talked about how the researchers do the research, where are the objectives of the research basis of conducting it and the purpose of the research and it significance, and what are the scope and limitations of the system.

The Institute of Information and Communication Technology of Isabela State University Echague Campus is now facing problems with regards to monitoring the attendance of the students during school’s activities. Most of the time students are required to attend to all activities as required by the university and the institute itself. But as early days experience until today, the student body organization is having a hard time to monitor the attendance of the students.

The presidents of each class require students to sign their names on a piece of paper as a proof of their attendance in a particular activity prior to start the program/activity. The queues of students in the registration area cause the delay and reliability of monitoring the attendance. Miscommunication is another problem of the student body organization of the IICT. Students complain that why they are marked absent since they were not informed about the activity.

Another problem that the student body organization is facing now is the consolidation of the report of the attendance of the students. During the signing of the clearance many students complains that they are marked absent although they are present during the activity and vice versa.

Due to the unreliable reports of attendance monitoring and unreliable monitoring of student’s attendance the researcher were able to come up with a solution to solve the problems the development of Event Monitoring System Using Biometric with SMS.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.2.1 How to design, develop and implement system called “Events Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometrics and SMS (Short Messaging System)”.
1.2.2 How to evaluate the users perception on the following: System Quality Information Quality Usefullness
1.3 Background and Objectives of the Study
Every Semester SBO (Student Body Organization) of IICT is using the manual and traditional way of monitoring the attendance of the students as regards to the event they will be attending. Student attendance is placed on a sheet of paper called “Attendance Sheet”, and penalties will be tallied as regards to the absences of students so through this point of view the SBO officers has been encountering problems such as slow process of attendance monitoring, inefficiency of student attendance report, inaccurate attendance record, Time consuming for the issuance of student clearance and inefficient dissemination of events information. 1.To design, develop and implement system called “Events Attendance Monitoring System using Biometrics and SMS (Short Messaging System)” 2. To evaluate the users perception on the following :

a. System Quality
b.Information Quality

1.4 Scope and Delimitation of the Study
The study started on June 25, 2011 and finished on October 2011. The Study was conducted at the Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Echague – Campus, Echague, Isabela. The respondent of the study was the fifthteen(15) First year students, Fifthteen Second year students (15), Fourteen Third year students, Fourteen fourth year students, six (6) Officers of the Student Body Organization (SBO) and 4 Faculty who are subjected to the Student Body Organization . The events attendance monitoring system using biometrics and SMS is a window based application that would be capable to run within a wired or a wireless network, it can be customized or be used by other department. The proposed system will be capable of maintaining the efficiency of every student attendance...
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