Event That Changed My Life

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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There is an event that has shaped up my life before in the past for the good. Back when I was 12 years old I played football for the Sto-Rox Little Vikings. There was a weight limit of 145 pounds and if you didn’t make the limit you couldn’t play in the game. There are many things I felt about this rule and what I’ve learned experiencing it.

When I was 12 years old I had an overweight problem and weighed in at 173 pounds. Well unfortunately that weight had to go down to 145 pounds if I wanted to play for the Sto-Rox Little Vikings football. Being 12 years old and having so little time I knew this was going to be a tough experience for me to lose this much weight. Well, I wanted to play and help out the team so I knew I had to overcome this event. I had nine weeks to lose 28 pounds so I knew that I had to start eating less every day. I had to run with garbage bags on me to help me sweat and chew and spit gum to lose this weight and even go days without eating. Every game I would miss out on because I never made the weight. Then we made the playoffs and still never made a game yet but I know it’s time for me to try harder than I’ve ever tried on anything else. We played a tough team and I knew my team needed me. So come game day I woke up at 730 in the morning and ran nonstop until I lost this weight. Our game was at 7:30 at night and I arrived at the stadium at six o’clock ready and confident to weigh in for the game. So come time to weigh in I had to strip down to my underwear to try and make it. So I stepped up on the scale and looked down when it made a beeping noise and I was in utter disbelief. I weighed in at 146 pounds which wouldn’t cut it and I didn’t play. I remember crying the rest of the day so disappointed because we lost, I lost.

I felt disgusted and sad. I never thought that the days of my Little Viking career was over and had to end this way. Even though I didn’t make it for one single game I knew that I had still lost 27...
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