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Glamour Event (M) Sdn Bhd presents:|
The Songket Affairs
A Fashion Show Event Proposal for Hatta Dolmat Couture|


* Introduction3

* The Proposal :4
* Event Summary
* Event Objectives
* Defining Issues
* Event Strategy
I. The Event
II. Target Audience
III. PR and Media Plan
IV. Collaboration and Sponsorship
V. The Staffing and Administration
VI. The Budget
VII. The Evaluation

* Conclusion23

* Appendixes24


“The Songket Affairs” is one of its kind event specially developed by our team of experts for Malaysia’s very own aspiring young fashion designer, Hatta Dolmat from Hatta Dolmat Couture; in his effort to introduce his new line of Wedding Couture made from our very own Songket.

This one day fashion show will put Hatta Dolmat in the spotlight as renowned, world-class fashion designer especially in the Wedding industry internationally.

Our main goals are to give powerful name to Hatta Dolmat Couture in the international wedding fashion industry and to introduce Malaysia’s songket as an option for a beautiful, glamorous wedding gown.

Hatta Dolmat was the Top 3 designer for Project Runaway Malaysia 2007. He was selected as the one of the 15 finalist for the first Malaysian Project Runaway 2007, a franchise of the Project Runaway US.

His tenacity and hard work has proven a success when he was selected a few time as the best designer in the 10 episode of this reality TV show. In 2007, he become the Winner of the Ethnic Chic Design Award 2007 Singapore Design Competition by Singapore Fashion Society, an international fashion competition comprises of designers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Southeast Asia countries.



Glamour Events team were approached by Hatta Dolmat to specially design a fashion show event to remember. The main intention is to showcase his new gorgeous line of wedding gowns made from combination of Songket and various other luxurious materials.

Not a stranger to the international event industry, we were more than happy to take up this challenge in organizing such prestigious event. We are proposing to have his first fashion show in our neighbouring country, Singapore as the pilot project. Taking small baby steps at a time, upon the successfulness of this event, we foresee more fashion shows to come in other ASEAN countries and Australia to name a few.

Glamour Events consists of all-timers and PR and event management experts with vast experiences in handling local and international events. Our main expertise is in fashion industry where our clients based include MIFA, MATRADE and Zangtoi.

To meet the main objective of this event, we propose to have the fashion show at Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore in August 2012. August is chosen as it will give us ample time to carefully co-ordinate and organize this prestigious event. The fashion show will begin at 8pm and expected to end by 10pm which will be followed by a small and private after event party where guests and VIPs have the opportunity to mingle and get connected.

Partnership with big players in media industry such as Astro, Mediacorp and Measat Publication will add more value to this event and will definitely be one of contributing factors in the event’s success story.


When Hatta Dolmat first start on his new project to create a contemporary wedding gown made of combination of songket, silk and laces; his main intention was to bring songket’s name into the international market. He wants to see songket not just being worn in Malay wedding, but also in English wedding, American wedding and many others internationally.

In line with Hatta Dolmat’s intention, the main objectives of this fashion show are:

1. To market Malaysian songket into international level....
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