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November 27th, 2009
I. Pre-planning5
1. Forming a team and assigning tasks5
2. Brainstorming6
3. Defining your event7
4. 4.Setting program goals and objectives8
II.Planning stage8
1. Summary8
2. Planning9
1. Draft budget9
2. Event activity list/Create a plan of action12
3. After the event24
3.Create event timeline24
III. Evaluation of event27
Chances are, at some point in your life you have organized or helped organize an event. Remember your birthday parties growing up? There must have been some planning involved, such as guest lists and food. Accordingly, most planned events, especially in the business world, require prior arrangements and preparations. Planning conferences and meetings has become a skilled profession these days. Conference and meeting planners, also known as event planners organize, coordinate and run conventions and meetings and make sure they function smoothly without any glitches. These events range from first-birthday parties to political fundraisers, anniversaries, fashion shows, product launches, conferences, graduations, and reunions, to name just a few! According to a recent report, it takes about 150 hours for a planner, working with her staff, to produce a major event from start to finish. You do the math. Millions of events multiplied by hundreds of hours spent planning equals many, many opportunities for those entering this field. Events help our organizations educate the public about environmental issues, give the public a chance to get involved in campaigns, raise money, and publicize our organizations and their campaigns and activities. Events do not just magically come together. For every conference, concert, dinner, or lecture, a dedicate group of people worked together to plan and execute the event. Planning an event means more than just deciding to have one and trying to pull it together by the seat of your pants. Planning involves taking necessary steps to accomplish a goal. When events are planned, hang-ups, which often destroy an event, can be dealt with much more easily or sometimes are avoided all together. For example, events are often ruined when weather turns foul or a speaker drops out. However, if the event was planned, an alternative location can be booked, and backup activities planned in the absence of a speaker. These following steps to successful event planning will provide you the event planner with all the various important tasks involved in event planning. The keys to successful event planning will make your event a successful one, no matter how big or small the event, the purpose of the event or whether it is personal, business, entertainment or otherwise.

I. Pre-planning:
Pre-event planning, as outlined in this section, will be among the most important steps you will take on your path to a successful event. You may have heard the phrase, ‘‘If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there.’’ It’s true. Without knowing where you are going and why, you might as well set out on your journey and be content wherever you happen to arrive. You would not start a family vacation with this attitude, would you? Thus, key factor to a successful event is that it is well planned with plenty of time to make sure things are done as required and within time frames set down. Depending upon the type of event, look to plan the event at least 6-9 months before the actual date...
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