Event Planning

Topics: Academic degree, Master's degree, Bachelor's degree Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Career Exploration Paper
Anytime a group of people come together for a singular purpose, whether it be professional or personal, the need arises to have someone to oversee the details. That someone is an event planner. Many industries from small businesses to large corporations hire event planners for a variety of different reasons. Ranging from a bachelor degree in hospitality management to a masters program East Carolina University provide the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the event planning industry. The purpose of this paper is to discus the programs East Carolina University offers to future event planners as well as examine the various roles and functions of an event planner.

The College of Human Ecology at East Carolina University offers a degree in hospitality management with a concentration in conventions and special event management for the student who wishes to be an event planner. Along with the 42 semester hours of foundations curriculum requirements, the bachelor degree requires a minimum 2.0 GPA be maintain while completing 45 semester hours in core hospitality classes, 18 semester hours in the concentration area of conventions and special event management as well as 26 semester hours of business classes (ECU). This course of study provides the basic knowledge of the hospitality management industry while providing specialized courses on event management. While completing the required courses for a bachelor degree in hospitality management, students are also able to participate in an accelerated two semester program to obtain a masters of business administration (ECU). East Carolina also offers the chance to become a member of the Eta Sigma Delta international hospitality honors society. The North Carolina Hospitality Education Foundation (NCHEF) offers a scholarship to North Carolina residents who are enrolled in a masters program that is related to the hospitality field. The NCHEF is a non-profit group whose mission is to...
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