Event Management

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Event management is the management of events, so as to speak and put it in very simple terminology. Managing an event requires a set of skills that can be derived with experience, talent and today, there are colleges and institutions that offer event management as a topic of study and education. Introduction to event management can be easily explained with the basics of knowing that events are a large deal. For corporate as well as non corporate, events are a big deal and have to be handled and maintained well and with planning as well as foresight.

Introduction to the interesting world of event management.:

1) Events are gatherings of people and occasions the key is to have a good gathering where people are not uncomfortable and where they leave the party or event feeling satiated.

2) Events need to be understood from step one.

3) Events need to be looked into from every angle and one needs to know that events are different and differ from one another. Meaning, or in other words, events that are conducted for corporate will of course be different and the profiling of the party or event for a corporate launch, to state an example, will of course be different and unique from say, for instance, a birthday party or an event related to any kind of celebration.

4) From the people who stand to welcome the guests in formal clothing, to the food and beverage list, to the arrangements of flowers and also to checking if the speakers and the microphone are working and in good condition, it all encompasses and comes under the purview and the watchful eye of an event manager. An event management firm always looks at handling a to z of the event, from inviting people for the event to making the invitation worthy of a compliment as well as all of the get together handling until the last guest is ready to leave. Even post that, the costing is often worked out by the event management firm. The event manager has to be on alert mode at all times. Food and beverages should be more than sufficient and should be served well and with classy outlooks and the ambience is a large part of the deal. A good event should look and feel good and give out those same vibes to people who attend it and are present.

An event is a live multimedia package with a preconceived concept, customized or modified to achieve the clients objective of reaching out and suitably influencing the sharply defined, specially gathered target audience by providing a complete sensual experience and an avenue for two-way interaction. [pic]

Fig: 1.2: Events Definition In-Short

This is a diagrammatic representation of the above definition. From the model it is evident that an event is a package so organized has to provide, reach and live interaction between the target audience and the client to achieve the desired impact.

Event marketing involves canvassing for clients and arranging feedback for the creative concepts during and after the concept initiation so as to arrive at a customized package for the client, keeping the brand values and target audience in mind. Marketing plays an important role in pricing and negotiations as well as identifying opportunities to define and retain event properties by gathering marketing intelligence with regard to pricing, timing etc.

In fact, ideally event marketing involves simultaneous canvassing and studying the brand prints; understanding what the brand stands for, its positioning and values, identifying the target audience and liaison with the creative conceptualizes to create an event for a prefect mesh with the brand’s personality.

In terms of size events maybe categorized as follows:

1. Mega Events
The largest events are called mega events, which are generally targeted at international markets. All such events have a specific yield in terms of increased tourism, media coverage and economic impact. Example: The Olympic Games, World Cup...
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