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Essay 1: Proposed Partnership

The Crocker is one of the main sources in the Sacramento area for the study and appreciation of fine art. The Museum offers art exhibitions, programs and events to showcase its collections of Californian, European, Asian, African and Oceanic artworks and international ceramics. The Crocker Art Museum offers many outreach programs in the Sacramento community including internships, volunteer opportunities, student and community exhibitions and scholarship art projects (Crocker). In the past Sacramento State and the Crocker Art Museum came together for an evening showcasing called, “U-Nite For Art.” Most attendants were Sacramento Students where they enjoyed live music, theatre performances, photography, design, art, film, and digital media presentations (Sacramento). Today, I propose a more permanent partnership between Sacramento State and The Crocker Art Museum. I see an age of the College of Arts and Letters growing on our campus. Artists have far too long gone unnoticed and its time we as Sacramento State art majors and minor have a little more shine. I believe this can not only be good for the students but also for the community. To take U-Nite For Art a step further, The Crocker Art Museum can on an every 4-5 month basis have a showcasing for the artist of the Arts and Letters Students to display or perform their talents to create more awareness to the college and community. In turn for these services, Sacramento State an active member and donor for their Crocker Docent Council. The Crocker Council is a volunteer service group developed to support educational programs offered by the The Crocker Art Museum. Along with touring groups of visitors, docents present outreach programs, spotlight talks and interactive gallery-based activities. Sacramento State can spread awareness across campus and within the Arts and Letters college recruiting volunteers for this program.

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