Topics: Family, Happiness, Personal life Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Shayla Ferguson
Laurie Lykken
English 1022.55
29 September 2013
The promise to her mother keeps “Eveline” in Buenos Aryes In the short story “Eveline” James Joyce focuses on a girl who is very young in age, yet lives a busy and at times frustrating life. Eveline needs to make a choice to either stay in Buenos Aryes or try to start a new life someplace else. Eveline falls in love with a sailor named Frank, and he wants to take her with him. In Dennison’s essay “Fear of Failure in Joyce’s “Eveline” she is “telling herself that life with father cannot be as frightening as a risky, unknown life with frank”(Dennison,67). It appears that Eveline is afraid to leave the life with her family in Buenos Aryes because Eveline is wrestling over the fact that “she promised her mother to keep the house together as long as she could”(Joyce,5).

Eveline contemplated the benefits of marrying Frank, “She would not be treated as her mother had been” (Joyce,3). Eveline is only nineteen years old and she felt “in danger of her father’s violance”(Joyce,4). Eveline is trying to tell herself that she “has a right to happiness”(Joyce,6).

After her mother died, livng with her father Eveline felt alone because of all the abuse she went through. Her brother Harry was never around, he was somewhere in the country and now She “had nobody to protect her”(Joyce,4). Eveline didn’t feel protected by her father, due to all the abuse she had endured. Eveline felt a little protected by Frank, “he use to meet her ourside the Stores every evening and see her home”(Joyce,5).

As Eveline thinks about the decison to leave or stay at home she is reminded of all the happy family times that she had with her mother and father, “she remembered her father putting on her mother’s bonnet to make the children laugh”(Joyce,5). Another good memory Eveline think of is “her father being jolly once on a picnic, of his kindness once when she was sick”(Dennison,67). The air and the street organ also caught Eveline’s...
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