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"Eveline" by James Joyce

“Eveline” by James Joyce is a story about duty and family ties. The author introduces us to a young woman who is conflicted between her desire for freedom and the promise she has made to her dead mother. Throughout the story Eveline is perceived as a helpless animal caged in her own house by a tyrant father. Eveline faces a difficult dilemma: remain at home like a dutiful daughter, or leave Dublin with her lover, Frank, who is a sailor. We will see how the death played a major role in her life which made her decided difficult.

Death seems omnipresent in Eveline’s house, the death of her beloved people: the deaths of her mother and her brother Ernest, and of a girlhood friend named Tizzie Dunn. When her mother died this placed Eveline in the role of a mother for her family and more responsibility to them especially after the promise to her mother. The death also take her older brother which can help his family and her life.Tizzie Dunn her friend the death also took her ,which make Eveline alone with her sad thinking.

Eveline also feels when she leaves with her lover Frank Like someone died. She cant through out every thing behind her and complete her live normal. So the better decide for her to stay with her family.

I think ,Eveline is a Sacrificing character and not ready enough to change her life and leave those who need her to unknown life may make her unhappy and regrets with what she do when she leave them.
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