Eve-Teasing: an Insidious Reality of Bangladesh

Topics: Education, Sexual harassment, Girl Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: April 7, 2012
“Eve-teasing: An Insidious Reality of Bangladesh”

Boalmari is a small town in the Faridpur district of Bangladesh. Boalmari is Shanta has lived her 17 years old life till now. It’s a ten minutes’ walk from her home to school. Each and every weekday those twenty minutes become the most painful moments of her life. She feels like going in and out of a wolf’s lair. A group of college boys on bikes wait for her to come into their lair and then they harass her by pushing, making vulgar comments, and what not. The consequences? After six months of this public torture Shanta’s father was compelled to discontinue Shanta’s education and marry her off far away from the town. This story is one of the better cases of eve-teasing in Bangladesh. This story is not even close to any worst case scenarios.

Eve-teasing is a recent media awareness movement in Bangladesh. The word “eve-teasing” is used as a euphemism in the Indian sub-continents for sexual harassment or molestation of mostly young girls. History of eve-teasing in Bangladesh dates back to 1980s when girls first started going to educational institutions and working independently. Some of us may remember about another media awareness movement on acid throwing in the late 1990s. Acid throwing is one more consequence of eve-teasing which is now under control. In the twenty first century as the technology era rises eve-teasing is taking a new form such as threats over cell phones. The government, NGOs, and law enforcement authorities are working together to prevent eve-teasing. As conscious citizens it’s also our duty to help minimize eve-teasing and its effects.

Usually the eve-teasers’ psychology is they are having harmless fun, but it has really bad affects and consequences on the victims. A global strategic organization named The Hunger Project released a paper (2008) which states that these consequences in rural Bangladesh are “curtailed education”, “early marriage”, and “hindered development”. The most common...
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