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Recently EVE-TEASING causes to exist a fatal social problem which is being converted day by day inevitable social disease in to the society. It is a ancient problem but it has been lighted newly. EVE-TEASING is a social curse, which refers to using demeaning words, expression and slang’s that scatters for the female gender particularly those who are entitle, school, college and universities going. It can, another words, be sexual harassment to the opposite gender's and mentality and physically torture on the female students and female office workers. The consequence of every day's EVE-TEASING leads to self-devotion or death. Very recently it has created a various kind of vex among the girls students due to the over use of the modern technology which employed by EVE-TEASER. For example, making sort video film and other off Sean images recorded by the eve teaser and spreading it in the various website in the internet. When the recorded video of the girl will be watched by everybody then can not go out side freely and ultimately will be self-killed from to live of sham of EVE-TEASING. Refusal social system and paltry minded of male genders display evil-eyes to the female genders which has been influence into the youth society, other causes of EVE-TEASING. The government has took a step against the eve-teaser and has started judge by mobile court, sending to locker and demanding money yet social revolution should be made by the media for opposed the EVE-TEASING and will be assumed which are good to society. Same time will be increased activity about the EVE-TEASING between whose are living in society. If we can not resist it, that we can not free from the problem named EVE-TEASING. pop
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