Evaulation of My Jukebox Musical

Topics: Lady Gaga, The Monster Ball Tour, The Fame Monster Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: November 27, 2010
James Weston 1101

Our Jukebox Musical (by our, I mean Me, Kalianne, Eliott, Fahima and Nicola) Was Based around Songs by the Artist Lady Gaga and we use the following songs: * Just Dance
* Telephone
* Pokerface
* Bad Romance
We don’t know how we came up with this to be quite honest it came out of our heads randomly it turned out to be a success so I am not Complaining like it was a complete fail. A story arc is how the story goes like at the beginning everything’s normal then as we get into the middle of the plotline we see everything goes mental the arc goes up high as the mentality increases then as we finish the storyline the arc begins to lower itself finishing the story. We started ours as normal a great party nice and enjoyable then Gaga (Kalianne) and Beyonce (Fahima) go again to the club to see Alejandro (me) and they both try to get with me but the servant (Nicola) seduces Alejandro here the Story Arc has increased to a climax. In the end Everybody gets their true lovers and the story Arc is back down to ground level. The idea of the story was mainly made by Kalianne Gaga wants Alejandro but Beyonce also wants him the songs were decided by me, Fahima and Kalianne, Eliott worked on ideas for the costumes (which weren’t really fully Prepared to be honest). When we first devised the Piece we decided the Dances were going to be the Hardest so we first worked on the dancing Nicola was the Choreographer so she had to think of how we did it and that turned out alright they were short and simple. My Movement Memory wasn’t very good though in the Just Dance sequence in the Beginning. I had no acting part so i guess i failed at that one but the Acts were all improvised because we had forgot the lines we were going to say. And for singing we just had to teach them independently my just dance verse was cut out though by me because i couldn’t remember it on the day we performed it. So i sang a bit of Pokerface instead. In my Opinion...
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