Evangelicals and Poltics

Topics: United States, Canada, Religion Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: April 22, 2013
This essay will be summarizing and expanding on the article; Between America and Europe: Religion, Politics and Evangelicals in Canada written by Jonathan Malloy from Carleton University in Ottawa. In his article, Malloy describes the different role religion plays in the politics of Europe, America, Canada and Australia. Europe has state churches and is highly secularized with a decline in religious beliefs and its effect on politics. The United States has a separate state and church but there is still a very large religious presence in American politics particularly evangelical Christianity. Canada and Australia are, in some ways, a mix of the European and the American model but with a growing prevalence of evangelicals in politics (Malloy, 2011). Political and religious literature such as articles, newspapers, journals, books and movies are ever abundant throughout the world but historically, not much attention has ever been given to the link between the two. The connection between evangelicalism and politics in the West has largely been overlooked with the exception of the United States of America. In the United States substantial research has been done about the apparent presence of religion (in particular evangelical Christianity) in American politics. In Canada and other similar nations such as Australia, UK and New Zealand not much consideration has ever been given to the role religion plays in the politics of that country (Malloy, 2011). Increasing amounts of literature has looked at evangelicalism and Pentecostalism in currently developing nations but not in detail in already developed nations. The inadequate studies in developed nations can be explained through the lack of religious influence throughout most of Europe. The American research that was done concerning the association of religion and politics is hard to compare because of differences between methodologies and categorization (Malloy, 2011).

Canadians from the 1960s have been looked at...
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