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Write a critical evaluation of Britzman’s analysis of teacher education in Practice makes Practice. Britzman tells us that student teacher’s begin their teaching journey by constructing their own identity. Student teachers begin by making sense of their position. They try to find their niche in the teacher’s world whilst fitting in all the necessary ideals associated with the teacher. The first phase in learning to teach is difficult and places the student’s in a vulnerable position whereby they must begin to construct their identity as a teacher and examine what it means to them on a personal level and how they are uniquely a teacher. Below, I will provide a critique of teacher education as outlined by Britzman. In relation to teacher education Britzman talks about what are known as cultural myths. In the case of student teachers, these myths ‘structure a particular discourse about power, authority and knowledge that heightens individual effort as it trivializes school structure and the agency of students’. Britzman explains that these cultural myths interfere with how student teachers form their identity and eventually ignore their own desires for change. Student teachers are influenced by cultural myths as it forms the basis for ‘describing who they might become and what they should desire’. According to Britzman there are three cultural myths. These are everything depends on the teacher, the teacher is the expert and thirdly teachers are self made. I will begin with the first myth which is everything depends on the teacher. Britzman states that both teachers and students understand that there are two rules outlining the cultural tensions of life in compulsory education. These rules state that ‘unless the teacher establishes control, there will be no learning; and if the teacher does not control the students, the students will control the teacher’. This statement by Britzman is indeed true and is something that student teachers starting out fight to gain. When...
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