Evalute Cpd in Own Work Envirionment

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Module 219 (e)

Advancing Practical Teaching & Professional Development

Evaluate current CPD provision in your host institution and offer constructive suggestions for improvement. (500 words)

Word count 488

Evaluate current CPD provision in your host institution and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.

XXX encourages Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for all members of the team, including both paid staff and volunteers. Advice workers at all levels have it as a mandatory direction within the organisations quality of advice policy and all other roles have it built in to encourage personal growth and development.

Since 2007 I have been responsible for identifying relevant CPD opportunities for all staff and volunteers within our organisation including the aspects of, cost, considering the benefits of the CPD and the relevance to the individuals learning plan and or job competence.

Over the last few years due to cut backs within the voluntary sector one area within our bureau which has been hardest hit has been training. This change has been recognised and identified as one of priority to overcome by XXX nationally and they have modified and developed the current program to be more internet and work based training based. As a result of this change when I have gone over my own training record and the one in relation to my personal and professional CPD within the work place I notice that almost all of it has been online reading and practice assessment scenarios, some of which I have gone on to use but the majority have not. During a discussion with my subject mentor we identified that this use of my time had not always been the most productive or personally beneficial as the knowledge and skills gained had not been reflected upon, implemented or disseminated.

We further considered what effect this was having on others members of the team, a quick survey...
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