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|Title |A CALL Evaluation Report: English Club |

1. Introduction

Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) is defined as a set of programmes that are used in teaching languages, testing or checking learners’ progress and then giving feedback. Actually CALL is vital in teaching process and has many roles that are applied when doing this process. Those roles differ from enabling learners to establish the idea of learner-computer interaction and the idea of self-study. There are a lot of websites that are constructed for CALL programmes and serve a purpose of developing learners’ learning proficiency especially in language learning. These websites are interesting in learning and make learners feel excited in learning by using fun in doing tasks, and this makes technology and CALL different from traditional teaching. Many games, puzzles and quizzes are used in CALL as teaching tool in order to deliver the message of teaching. This report will be looking at an English learning website which is www.englishclub.com. It has some programmes that present grammar of English language in a wonderful way. Moreover, this report will explain how these English grammar tasks are presented and the reasons of why this website is important and recommended for learners.

2. Literature Review

In the second half of the past century, the computer machine was invented. At that time, the computer was a means to save data as well as a means to facilitate teaching and learning (Beatty, 2003). After that, people’s daily life has been entered by computers. Also, computers have been vital tools in doing jobs, communicating and learning. Therefore, in order to develop the learners’ level in learning process, computer’s programmers and developers have designed many applications to achieve that goal. According to Beatty, (2003), Stanford University, Datmouth University and Essex University were the first three institutions that used CALL applications. The use of CALL programs was not existing at the beginning and it was limited (Alkinz, 1993). Programmers transferred only the content of learners’ books to the computer by making few changes because they did not to know or to make full use of this new machine (Beatty, 2003). As a result, apparently the intended expectation of designers and educators has not been met by computers at that time. For example, some websites that involved CALL programs were designed to fit only a specific level and getting answers or feedback for those tasks was not optional (Beatty, 2003). On the other hand, CALL activities have positively changed in quality and quantity nowadays. Moreover, there are a variety of materials that suit all learners at different learners’ language level and ages. Learners can repeat their lesson more than once in order to achieve better understanding of the materials, and they also can practice and access them anytime and anywhere (Friedman, 1995). In addition, the role of learners in selecting what and how to learn become more active and powerful than teachers because of the capability of learners to observe and monitor their learning progress and their ability to evaluate themselves by using CALL programs without the consult and guidance of the teacher. The idea of learner-centred position will certainly be emphasized by this new direction rather than teacher-centred position (Bruce, 1993). Furthermore, while learners use CALL programmes, learners all over the world can share knowledge by accessing the internet so learners who communicate with each other by using one language in spite of their different backgrounds and cultures would motivate (Warschaver & Kern, 1996). This evaluation report is going to looking at one type of CALL programmes of (www.englishclub.com) website, and test format of grammar is going to be represented. Without any doubt, grammar rules are basic and...
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