Evaluation Plan Template

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Evaluation Plan
(Project/Program/Initiative Evaluation Title here)

|Date: | | |Trim Ref #: |09/ | |Evaluation Manager: | | |Contact Person: |Name: | | |Position title: | | |Contact Ph: | | |Business Unit: |

Table of Contents


1.1Project/Program/Initiative Definition1

2.Evaluation Governance1

2.1Purpose of the Evaluation1
2.2Scope for the Evaluation1
2.3Core Evaluation Questions2
2.4Evaluation Stakeholders2
2.5Evaluation Management Structure2
2.6Evaluation Governance Group Membership3
2.7Evaluation Governance Group Terms of Reference3
2.8Reporting Requirements4

3.Evaluation Design4

3.1Evaluation Framework4
3.2Information and Collection4

4.Evaluation Resources and Timeframe5

4.1Budget and Staff Resources5
4.2Evaluation Staff Roles and Responsibilities6
4.3Time Schedule7

Appendix 1 Evaluation Plan Checklist8


The purpose of the Evaluation Plan is to provide the Accountable Officer (ADG or DDG) with a detailed project plan identifying all resources, milestones and deliverables. It should build on the broad information from the Evaluation Proposal and detail how the evaluation will be managed to deliver the report on time and on budget.

1 Project/Program/Initiative Definition

(Select which is applicable. Include a description of the project/program/initiative and its objectives)

Evaluation Governance

1 Purpose of the Evaluation

(Why is the evaluation being done? i.e., what should the Accountable Officer be able to decide as a result of the evaluation?)

2 Scope for the Evaluation

(What aspects of the project/program/initiative are to be evaluated?)

|Inclusions (What does the evaluation include?) |Exclusions (What does the evaluation exclude?) | | | | | | | | | |

(Insert additional rows as necessary)

3 Core Evaluation Questions

(List the approved evaluation questions the evaluation should answer to aid decision-making.)

In fulfilling the purposes of the evaluation, the following core questions were addressed:

• …

• …

• …

4 Evaluation Stakeholders

(List the key stakeholders the evaluation is designed for and how they will use the findings.)

|Audience (Who are the audiences for the information from the |How evaluation findings will be used (How can they apply new knowledge | |evaluation? e.g., students, teachers, management, staff, partners, |from the...
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