Evaluation Paper on " a Beautiful Mind"

Topics: Schizophrenia, A Beautiful Mind, Russell Crowe Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: May 2, 2011
The drama film “A Beautiful Mind,” directed by Ron Howard is an excellent movie. The uplifting film is the biography of mathematician genius John Nash (Crowe), who while at Princeton University he discovers a principle equation that changed economic theory. His tremendous career was diverted by his struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, which almost destroys his family and himself. The irony of his dilemma was that the drugs that kept his psychosis controlled also prevented his mind from thinking at the level he had before. In order for him to once again think logically, he stopped taking the medications that controlled the schizophrenia, which lead to the delusions. He eventually learned to use his own mind without medication, even though he continued to suffer with the illness. He goes on to win the Nobel Prize and continues to teach mathematics at Princeton University. This film has so many features that make a movie worthy of watching. The wonderful and powerful acting of Russell Crowe was outstanding. I was in awe of his skill in playing this character, especially when considering the extreme difference from the characters in his other movies, such as the Gladiator and Cinderella man, which I both love. Russell Crowes acting was one of the big reasons this movie was so brilliant. He has the ability to step into a role and make the audiences believe that he is actually the character in real life. His performance seems perfectly natural, making it seeming and authentic.

The actual true story of Nash is so compelling and draws you in with the masterful insight into many aspects of a genius at work. The way Ron Howard directed the plot was fascinating and keeps your mind captivated. The first half of the film is viewed from Nash’s perspective alone, so the first remarkable effect is to place the viewer inside the working, creative and pattering mind, which gives a chill of recognition of the feeling that “sometimes you...
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