Evaluation of the Gas Law Constant

Topics: Covalent bond, Ionic bond, Pressure Pages: 4 (769 words) Published: July 5, 2012
Vanessa Gale
Formal Lab:
Evaluation of the Gas Law Constant
Dr. Monzyk
Due 06/25/2012


The purpose of this lab is to evaluate the gas law constant. The ideal gas law is represented as PV=nRT, where R represents the gas law constant. To determine R, we must find the other parameters, P, V, n and T through the experiment.

Equipment and Materials:

Large beaker
Ring stand
Copper wire
100 mL eudiometer tube
Magnesium (Mg) ribbon
M6 H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid)
Wash bottle filled with distilled water


First I cut a piece of Mg ribbon and used steel wool to rub off the MgO (magnesium oxide). I then used the scale to determine when I had approximately 0.0440g of Mg. I then wrapped the Mg with copper wire so that none was showing, but left a tail of copper wire. In the fume hood, I added 8 mL of M6 H2SO4 to the eudiometer tube. I used the wash bottle to carefully and completely fill the tube with water, being sure not to mix the water with the sulfuric acid. Then I placed the copper covered Mg into the tube and left the tail end hanging over the edge. I placed the rubber stopper into the end. I held my finger over the hole in the stopper, gently flipped over the tube and place the stopped end into the water. I removed my fingers and then clamped the tube into place. When the Mg stopped producing bubbles, I gently tapped the tube on the bottom of the beaker to ensure no bubbles were trapped and read the level of the liquid. I recorded my results. The same procedure was repeated in three additional trials.

| Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3| Trial 4|
Mass of Mg, g| 0.0446| 0.0448| 0.0434| 0.0454|
Number of Moles of Mg| 0.001834| 0.001842| 0.001785| 0.001867| Initial Eudiometer Reading, mL| 0| 0| 0| 0|
Final Eudiometer Reading, mL| 45.4| 47.9| 42.5| 43.6|
Volume of Gas, L| 0.0454| 0.0479| 0.0425| 0.0436|
Barometric Pressure, mmHg| 761.238| 761.238| 761.238| 761.238|...
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