Evaluation of Strategic Hrms in Erp Implementation in Public Sector

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  • Published : June 18, 2009
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Information is no more competitive advantage in waves and stages of societal development. The first being agrarian, then industrial, followed by information wave and most recent is human capital (mind). When information get into human mind it becomes knowledge that turns to tool for societal advancement. This then behooves that an exposure to same source of information but processed differently in human minds will result into different results as witnessed in developed and underdeveloped nations. Professional information based on services of governance is fast growing in the high technology information sector. But the management of services rendered is largely unexplored area of strategic management. Realization of stable and strong human capital management solution that will meet organizational needs for current and future needs are basic requirement in many public sector organizations. A flexible rewards and recognition program that will keep employees motivated and engaged Comprehensive training opportunities that will enable employees to continue to grow and contribute to your organization an effective program to manage employee absences. When employees are absent or focused on other issues, productivity suffers. And instead of managing your core business, you spend your time administering absence and leave policies and worrying about how presenteeism is affecting productivity as well as employee morale.

Now that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has shown itself to be a source of significant business value, many organizations public sector inclusive are looking to extract even more from their existing ERP systems. Shifts in corporate structure and new compliance requirements are driving the need for improved access to information, process clarity and cost savings. In order to realize greater Return On Investment (ROI) in ERP...
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