Evaluation of Stalins Five Year Plan

Topics: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: December 9, 2012
In 1928, Joseph Stalin became one of the world’s most antagonistic leaders. During the period that Stalin was in control of mother Russia, he transformed the Soviet Union into a modern super power. He did this by modernizing the Russian economy with his Five Year Plans. Stalin’s Five Year Plans were designed to strengthen the U.S.S.R’s economy and make the nation self-sufficient. This proved successful in industrializing Russia and greatly increasing industrial output which improved the economy. However , the Five Year Plans resulted in the elimination of an entire class of people, when Stalin introduced the idea of collectivization. Despite the fact the enhancements in industrialization led to a modernized Russia, it lead to maltreated workers and millions of deaths, therefore the actions of the U.S.S.R’s most belligerent leader and his Five Year Plan can not be considered a success.

Stalin believed that Russia was many years behind more advanced countries in Europe. He pushed his idea that if Russia did not catch up soon with the competing super powers, Russia would be completely annihilated. He believed to be backward was to be defeated and enslaved. Both Stalin and previous Soviet leader Lenin believed that the U.S.S.R should overtake and exceed other capitalist countries, he aspired for Russia to become strong enough to survive , then take over the rest of the world and force his extreme views on neighboring nations. Another reason why Stalin instituted the Five Year Plans is because he was fearful and believed Germany would invade and thus he encouraged the people of Russia to work hard and put Russia on top , in order to fight off enemies. And lastly Stalin used the Five Year Plans as a source of propaganda to brainwash people and keep them in line.

How does a single man and party manage to control a whole nation? Well, the Five Year Plans would have only been possible with the entire county working together. Stalin managed to brainwash millions...
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