Evaluation of Learning

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, United States Congress Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Should the federal government have more power than the state governments?

Yes, the federal government is up higher when it comes to the state-to-state governments and they should be on top. When I think of federal government I think of power and leadership but when I think of state government its not as strong as the federal. In some of the current events that I did it showed how state government had a lot more power then the federal government, which seemed odd to me.

What role does the government and Supreme Court play in the civil rights development in the United States?

They play a huge role, by making the laws. It seems like they play a huge part in the civil rights from all the current events that I did. I have learned that the civil rights we have as American citizens are all held by the Supreme Court and they are violated everyday by illegal immigrants, even legal immigrants and American citizens. I see that the court can over play many things but they also need to focus on making our country a better place overall.

How has immigration shaped the country we live in today?

This country has a very biases opinion on immigration now a days. Some people believe that no one should immigrate unless it is "legal" and others just don't like it because it is our country not there's. This country has many different opinions when it comes to how the migrants should be treated. Between the articles and how this country works I see nothing but instances where people are being charged or punished for wanting a better life for their families. I have learned that our country is starting to revolve around immigration.

Have government and citizen attitudes toward immigrants changed since 1890?

The government has become more open to immigration since the 1890’s. I feel like many people are against illegal immigrants but are okay with the legal ones. People believe they should have this horrible punishment if the get caught, but people need to remember...
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