Evaluation of Hmv

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1. Tasks Allocation3

2. Company Web Site (hmv.com.hk)3

3. Business Model and Value Proposition3

4. Evaluation Framework4

4.1. Context4
4.2. Content7
4.3. Community9
4.4. Customization12
4.5. Communication15
4.6. Connection17
4.7. Commerce19

5. Fit and Reinforcement23

6. Competitor Comparison24

7. Reference List24

1. Tasks Allocation | Business Model, Competitor Comparison, Framework Design | Evaluations of Customization, Communication, Fit and Reinforcement | Evaluations of Community | Evaluations of Connection and Commerce |

|2. Company Web Site (hmv.com.hk) |

HMV is a British global entertainment retailer. The retail shops are selling music, videos, games and entertainment accessories. The HMV Website’s started in 1997 and provided the online selling and delivering services.

|3. Business Model and Value Proposition |

HMV’s online service is a Business-to-Customer (B2C). It has been provided the different services as selling, delivering and exchange at retail’s industry. To enable competitive advantage (value proposition), the business model of “Bricks and Clicks” is performed by HMV which integrates both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences and the services are available 24 hours a day for all countries. HMV specializes in both physical and digital products on music, video, games and entertainment’s accessories.

|4. Evaluation Framework |

The evaluation of hmv.com.hk will be based on 7Cs framework, including context, content, community, customization, communication, connection and commerce. Each of the 7Cs will be evaluated individually and how HMV use it to "fit" its business model and value proposition and we also look into whether consistency exists among the 7Cs.

|4.1. Context |

4.1.1. Pros
Targeted website www.hmv.com.hk has used black and shocking pink as the theme color throughout the site. It is consistent with brand image and banner of HMV. It matches the symbol of HMV, which is shown HMV is a trendy and fashionable CD warehouse to their target customers such as teenager, the middle class and the working people. From the functionality aspect, HMV uses tab menu as navigation tool on the top of the page to present its product or service catalogs, so it enables users to move easily back and forth between different catalogs without clicking "back" button. Moreover, the design of the website has taken into consideration of different language requirement including English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. The specific language environment can be easily changed by users.

Moreover, HMV uses consistent image layout and packaging information, which helps customer to easily identify required products. It also presents the new release products in HMV, catalyzed by the type of product, such as new release of music and movies. And the special information that included the weekly top 10 sales ranking of product and the special offer of HMV is placed in the left hand side and right hand side of the main page. This design approach makes customer can find the important information, as known as the newest product is on sales in HMV recently in the center of the main page. On the other hand, the sales ranking and special offer information has put into left and right...
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