Evaluation of Graphic Design

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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Evaluation - Graphic Design

I think this project given more time, would have really benefit me. I’m have a huge interest already in graphic design, so this project I was fairly excited to endure. With more time, I could of gone into greater detail of research, which then would of completely opened my mind up to a bank of whacky ideas. I unfortunately couldn’t get too this stage, I know I could of come up with something much more creative. However the time we were scheduled, was what I had, so I used the majority of the time getting together a general idea, going through many different ideas, looking at positives and negatives of each one. From all my idea’s I chose to bring for the idea of a silence on a CD, and promote it as an alternative solution for stress.

This idea did take a lot of thought and development, to get a serious function from a worthless product. I chose to use the CD as a stress reliever as it could strangely work. I think if I just promoted it as a Blank CD, it wouldn’t draw attention to anybody, where as giving in a purpose, which effects everyone at some point, could make it suddenly quite worthy.

The task that followed this was forms of promotion, e.g. Poster, Leaflet… I thought a poster would be the most efficient way to get a message across, and posters are usually more noticeable, and eye catching. I went onto learning a software called “Adobe Photoshop” which would be the creator of my poster. Once I had come to a comfortable point with the software, I began layering different words, and images down, to get into ‘the zone’ and to start to build up my poster. As established, the time I had to do this was fairly short, so I hadn’t had much chance to experiment with different designs, so I had to stick to one, and try to make it look as professional as I could.

My final poster I’m happy with, again I think I could of gone a lot further with it, and I don’t feel it bought my full potential out from me, but I gave the task a...
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