Evaluation of Ethical Theories

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Evaluation of Ethical Theories

By | November 2012
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Evaluation of Ethical Theories

Subjectivism believes that ethical statements are simply a matter of “personal opinion” and that there is no right or wrong. Then only issue with that is what’s right or wrong could be completely different for everyone. If we were to look at something as simple as wine, one could say that Pino Noir is better than Malbec, or the best tasting wines come from New Zealand not Italy. It is all based on personal preference Same thing goes for Ice cream, if you like vanilla and your friend likes chocolate, then vanilla is right for you and chocolate is right for him. You prefer that type over another. You could be in a heated argument with someone and then throw your hands up in the air and say” but that’s your opinion” and end the argument quickly. I do think to have your own opinion and thoughts about something are great, but if it came down to someone telling me that animal abuse is ok because they believe it is right for them I would have to completely disagree. That may be their personal opinion but it is morally wrong.

Cultural Relativism is the ethical theory that says right and wrong are relative to ones “culture”. There is really no way of determining whether an action is morally right or wrong other than asking whether the people of this or that society believe it is morally wrong. Each culture has different ethical beliefs as well as each ethnic group and religion. An individual growing up in India, Japan, Africa, would most likely have different thoughts on what is right and wrong compared to someone who grew up in Calgary. A lot of it has to do with how we were brought up, our religion, gender, family etc I do feel we need to be somewhat tolerant of other peoples cultures and beliefs even if we ourselves do not necessarily agree with them. There is the other side of that coin though because if someone actually believed it was acceptable to beat on their wife and children there would be a huge moral issue with that in...

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