Evaluation of Current Assessment Practice

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Evaluation of current assessment practice
Motor vehicle department
Our assessment practice throughout the department is based on a standardized practice between all assessors. For all the qualifications that we assess everyone must fully understand the criteria that is required from the awarding body and we must keep a copy of the criteria with us at all times when carrying out observations, questioning etc. All the learners portfolios are built to the same format we create a master copy for each qualification, once we a have agreed on the lay out of the portfolio copies can then be ordered, all learner are introduced to their portfolios at the beginning of the course, we make them aware of the appeals procedure and what is expected of them throughout the course and what we will be doing as an assessor, progress reviews are carried out every 10 weeks, this is an important part of the assessment process it allows us to identify any issues and set smart targets. Tracking sheets are kept in the learner’s portfolio so when an observation/assessment has been carried out the evidence is logged straight away with a portfolio reference number, this must be recorded in the evidence list, and criteria covered in an assessment must also be logged at the time, it is standard practice for all assessors to give feedback to learners, copies of all functional skills certificates must be logged as evidence. In our Department we hold progress meetings weekly, this includes assessors and tutors, we discuss the progress of our learners and identify who is at risk, in our weekly meetings we discuss what is best practice when assessing , share ideas and support each other, we then produce an action plan for the following week. The lead internal verifier keeps a sampling plan for the learners portfolios.
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