Evaluation of Communication Skills of College Students

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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“An evaluation of Communication Skills among
CHSM College Students”

A Research Proposal to be presented to the
Office of the Dean

In Partial Fulfilment of
The requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts

Bensali, Maria Andrea Gene
Bernardo, Jarelle Shane

December 7, 2012

Theoretical Framework:
Chomsky (in Mitchell & Myles, 2004:94) explains that the logical problem of language learning is caused by messy and fragmentary input, making abstract concepts based on limited examples of languages. Gass (in Bailey, 2006: 65) refers to input as “… the language to which the learner is exposed, either orally or visually …”, in other words, the language which “surrounds students living in a second Language (English) environment”. In the context of this paper, Students are responsible for an inadequate language input due to their own limited English proficiency. Further, one of the most pertinent theories informing this study is that of Krashen who found that the essential ingredient for second Language (English) acquisition is comprehensible input through student talk. Students should talk on a learner’s level of comprehension, that is, the student should be able to understand what the other student is saying (Richards & Lockhart, 1994:184). Transference from one speaker’s use of language to another speaker’s use of language can be viewed as a contamination factor in the use of the second Language (English). Where students’ own second Language (English) knowledge is not on an acceptable standard for the use of English as English proficiency the Language of Learning and teaching, their poor usage and knowledge of the language are transferred to the receiver (Stander, 2001:108-110).

Marinova-Todd (2003:61; 67; 70) concludes from reviewed studies that the availability and the access to good second Language (English) input and instruction produce the best outcomes in second Language (English) and ensure...
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