Evaluation Letter

Topics: Summary judgment, Work, Dispositive motion Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Sample Evaluation Letter
Professor Lisa Lerman
Coordinator of Clinical Programs
Columbus School of Law
The Catholic University of America
Cardinal Station
Washington, DC 20064
Re: Sally Extern
Dear Professor Lerman:
[placement, dates, and supervisors, and certificate of hours completed] Sally Extern was an extern in the Office of the General Counsel of the XYZ Corporation, January 3 through April 22, 2002. I was her primary supervisor, although she also took assignments from others in the office, principally, Hart Benton and Ramona Ortiz. Ms. Extern worked in excess of 120 hours during the semester.

[nature of tasks and assignments] Ms. Extern was given progressively more complex assignments as she demonstrated her capacity to perform in the position. She began by summarizing deposition testimony in a case presently in litigation. After about a week of reading and summarizing depositions, she was assigned to research and draft responses to dispositive motions in several cases. During the final weeks of her externship, Ms. Extern researched the issues and prepared a draft motion for summary judgment.

[evaluation of work product] Ms. Extern demonstrated superior research skills in each assignment. She was confident and efficient in her use of both hardbound and electronic resources. When she was unfamiliar with some of the speciality resources, she readily sought guidance from her supervisor and was then able to work independently. Her written products were prepared thoughtfully, thoroughly, and without errors in either spelling or grammar. Her prose is clear, concise, and demonstrates a facility with language. When called upon to make oral presentations of her research to her supervisors, she did so with economy and thoroughness. [evaluation of interpersonal skills] Ms. Extern possesses strong interpersonal skills. Her interactions with lawyers and staff were consistently excellent. She leaves the externship with an excellent reputation for the courtesy...
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