Evaluation Essay

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Evaluation Essay

This is an Evaluation Essay of three clothing retail websites discussing five criteria that could be vital to the success or importance of the website. The criteria being discussed is design, accessibility, navigation, technical, and security. The three clothing retail websites I will be discussing are Target, Wal Mart and Kohl’s. The website I found to be most effective out of the three I evaluated was Target. The design of the home page has bright appealing colors, with an image in the center that immediately draws attention. It has a quick info button for convenience of reading the information that applies to the image you scroll over. Seems to be less crowded than the other websites I evaluated. Easily accessible, having the structure of the content separate from navigation. Alt tags are in place on significant images with link information clear and readable, which makes navigating the site easier. There is a search bar in place to easily access a specific item you want to look up, as well as a site map link to help guide you through the web page. There is a clear statement of purpose for the rotating images that relate to the home sale event they are having online. More user friendly in regards to buttons and signs on page than the other sites I will discuss. Seem to have a secure area for purchases made online, with no obvious flaws noted. Forms are resilient to special characters, with password protection for personal private accounts to store customer information secure. Website loads quickly and promptly without any server errors. The second website being evaluated is Wal Mart, which seems to be very similar to Target’s web page, as far as the design. They also have rotating images in the center of their home page. Colors are harmonious, bright and appealing. Although may be difficult for the visually impaired due to low color contrast. Content and navigational elements are separate for easy accessibility. Site links are clearly...
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