Evaluating Training and Developement

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Evaluating training results. (includes related articles on the objectives of staffing and placement courses and a sample case study and check sheet for staffing and placement courses) Training & Development Journal

| January 01, 1990 | Erickson, Paul R. | Copyright
Evaluating Training Results
Here's a training-evaluation method that assesses whether participants remember what they were supposed to have learned--and know how to apply it on the job. It happens all too often. At the end of your training course, participants pass a simple test by reiterating all the buzz words they've memorized. Then they go back to their work stations and immediately begin to forget everything they were supposed to have learned. Oh sure, they filled out your end-of-course questionnaire: "What did you like about this workshop?" "What would you change about the course?" Such questionnaires may fill your administrative requirements for course evaluation, but they may not tell you what you need to know: * whether attendees have retained the information presented in the course; * if course objectives have been met; * whether trainees' level of knowledge has increased; * whether there is enough emphasis on the required material or concepts; * the appropriateness of this particular course for teaching certain material, or whether some of the material would be better taught as part of a different course; * whether trainees' retention of knowledge taught in the course varies depending on the ability of the instructor. Many training departments use pre-and post-tests to make up for the inadequacy of end-of-class questionnaires. Such tests may help determine whether training has changed the knowledge level of participants, but they usually provide only short-term assessments--they don't really tell you if trainees are applying on the job the information they've learned in the course. What can you do to ensure that training "works"? How can you tell … Input, process, output: a model...
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