Evaluating the Research Process

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity Pages: 5 (1525 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Evaluating the Research Process
Rebecca Persinger
April 9, 2012
Donald J. Steacy

Childhood Obesity
The author of this article talks about the increasing number of obese children in America and what it will take to have healthy and nutritious school lunch programs provided to school children. During a survey performed by the author on many children who are suffering from obesity in America and the health problems these unhealthy school lunches are creating, the lunches were analyzed based on content of nutritional value and how harmful school lunches are to children. The author suggests a more nutritious and healthy lunch will help children’s obesity decrease so children will not have health issues linked to obesity and will also help him or her change eating habits (Hooker, 2009). Use of Literature Review

Literature review assessment is research that is a data study subject wherein contents are summarized and information is collected to arrange for an analysis. It also provides a new meaning for older interpretations or content and is used to verify studies and offer information on study subjects. The literature assessment in this article introduces information relating to health issues American children are facing because of obesity from school lunches and offers available data on acceptable solutions. The author in this article assesses literature producing study subject information that analyzes high fructose levels as a main part of the increasing obesity rates of children in America that has been demonstrated from high fructose corn syrup levels causing obesity in rats and also created more triglyceride amounts, body fat, and body weight. Hooker provides information related to diabetes and other health issues related to obesity and what perils are associated with increasing health issues the government and other community related organizations are ignoring (Hooker, 2009).

Literature overview introducing data relates to an increasing amount of obesity in American children and the supply demands expect schools to supply children with healthy and nutritious school lunches. Other data shows risks involved when nonnutritional, packaged, and fried foods are provided to school age children. If children are offered unhealthy lunches, those children develop harmful eating habits into adulthood. America will get healthier adults just by focusing on children, his or her eating habits, and by supplying nutritious and healthy school lunches (Hooker, 2009).

The literature review in this article also provides information from the National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that includes defects and industrial food systems. Present problems are spoken of with regards to America’s food problems and the grower’s market system and trade contracts. This article also introduces data regarding the harmful effects of nonnutritional and unhealthy foods that children focus on, determination, and hyperactivity enhancement. More well-balanced food will help children’s energy requirements daily and help them concentrate on school work and have daily energy level requirements to get through the day (Hooker, 2009). Ethical Considerations for Data Collection

Analysis can carry out different kinds of moral specifications to be considered and these moral standards include beneficence, justice, independence, and nonmalfeasance as well as other moral ramifications that include informed approval and secrecy. Carrying out an analysis is an educational and professional setting that requires consciousness of ethics lying beyond analysis. Knowing moral implications involved in human participant analysis will be successful and beneficial (Hooker, 2009).

Any kind of analysis involving human subject data collecting requires moral requirements to be followed with the first consideration involving independence. The researcher’s duties include member guarantees...
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