Evaluating the Research Process

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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Evaluating the Research Process
Research endeavors take great organization and diligence in ensuring that information is collected correctly and carefully. In the article selected, researchers collect data from both children and adults to create a bio repository for future research of childhood obesity. The following document will explore the results and opinions concluded in the research project, statistical findings, and other important information collected from the research project.

For adults obesity is a condition that can become life threatening and more so when obesity is diagnosed at a young age. The Center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 17% of all children and adolescents are obese (CDC, 2011). This article attempts to understand and research the effects of obesity in children and how early the effects take place. Researchers from children’s hospitals in Australia joined together to create the Childhood Overweight Bio Repository of Australia. This repository was created to collect data from adults and children who are obese or have a family history of obesity. The testing consisted of several surveys for parents and children, documentation of daily diets, and a full exam by a physician. The participants also gave blood and other contributions like environmental, clinical and anthropometric data, metabolic and hormonal profiles, alongside storage of blood samples for genetic data(Clemens, Mc Callum, & Campbell, 2010).

There is a great deal of literature used in the research process of creating this bio repository. There are over 70 periodicals used in reference in this research article and all of them give an insight on the theoretical explanation of the research. One reference in particular was information from another research project performed in the UK for children inside the hospital who were obese and suffering from the effects. Many of the information found in this research project were deposited...
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