Evaluating the Research Process

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Evaluating the Research Process

How is the literature review used in this research?
The literature in this paper or review in this research is to inform readers about the problem that US would have with teen pregnancy and what the results and solutions that care in place. It is a well inform review about the ages of the teens the different reasons for the issue and what is needed to be done about it. There are also data from hospitals and other sources on this topic that pin points the problem at hand. It gives the percentage of teens that are pregnant each year and their partners who are facing unwanted pregnancy. It also uses surveys from the National youth risk behavior. It goes on to tell the reader that the different methods of birth control used in the different years and why it is used. There is also some data that is proving that there is not the right amount of interaction from the parents and/or guardians of these teens. And there have been a major lack of sex education and explains the major consequences for the mothers and the child. What are ethical considerations for data collection?

The ethical considerations that one would note in this review is that there are many surveys that have been used to get the data one would need on this topic, for example, from the National Vital Statistics System, national Youth Risk Behavior Survey, LARCs from the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. There is also a lot of information that is collected from the different hospitals that the teens go to for medical treatment and to give birth at. Some other place the data would be collected from is health care clinics, plan parenthood and other birth preventions places that are for low income families can go to. it shows the different races that are affected by the lack of education about sex and the need for teens to talk to their parents and be educated about this growing problem. There is charts and graphs that shows the growth of...
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